Smarty is a 4G SIM-only UK mobile network that promises to be simple, transparent and good value.

We have been using Smarty as our mobile provider for the past two and a half years and we are happy to recommend it! The network quality has been pretty good for us, so was the customer support when we needed it, but most of all, we are very happy with the cost we paid. Whether at work or home, we are connected to a WIFI network the majority of time, therefore we managed to keep our data consumption fairly low over the months.

Here's exactly what I paid per months in 2018 and 2019:

Phone bill in 2019: £80.56

4GB Plan Unused data discount Total
December 21st 2019 £10.00 -£3.46 £6.54
November 21st 2019 £10.00 -£3.25 £6.75
October 21st 2019 £10.00 -£4.08 £5.92
September 21st 2019 £10.00 -£2.39 £7.61
August 21st 2019 £10.00 -£3.42 £6.58
July 21st 2019 £10.00 -£0.82 £9.18
June 21st 2019 £10.00 -£3.93 £6.07
May 21st 2019 £10.00 -£3.90 £6.10
April 21st 2019 £10.00 -£3.65 £6.35
March 21st 2019 £10.00 -£3.79 £6.21
February 21st 2019 £10.00 -£3.65 £6.35
January 21st 2019 £10.00 -£3.10 £6.90
Total £120.00 -£39.44 £80.56

Phone bill in 2018: £84.75

4GB Plan Unused data discount Total
December 21st 2018 £10.00 -£3.96 £6.04
November 21st 2018 £10.00 -£3.34 £6.66
October 21st 2018 £10.00 -£3.73 £6.27
September 21st 2018 £10.00 -£2.68 £7.14
August 21st 2018 £10.00 -£3.04 £6.96
July 21st 2018 £10.00 -£2.60 £7.40
June 21st 2018 £10.00 -£2.81 £7.19
May 21st 2018 £10.00 -£3.68 £6.32
April 21st 2018 £10.00 -£4.23 £5.77
March 21st 2018 £10.00 -£5.00 £5.00
February 21st 2018 £10.00 -£5.00 £5.00
January 21st 2018 £15.00 £15.00 £15.00
Total £125.00 -£25.07 £84.75

Discount for unused data

One thing we love about Smarty is that they pay you back for any unused data - at least on their 1GB, 2GB and 3GB plans.

The minimum monthly cost of a Smarty's data plans is £5, which, they say, covers their cost of providing unlimited standard calls, texts and running the network. The rest is simply for data and Smarty will pay you back any unused data at the same rate you bought it, £1 per GB. They even calculate using remaining MBs, not GBs, which we think is really fair.

In 2018, I only spent a total of £85 on my mobile phone bill for the entire year. £125 is what I would have paid had I consumed the entire data available in the plan, and £25 is the total refunds I received across the year for the unused data - which equates to 20% savings!

In 2019, my data usage remained at the same level, and therefore phone bill didn't change much and amounted to £80 - which I am really happy about.

I remember paying up to £50 a month for my phone and data plan ( which included paying back the cost of the phone). Obviously, the Smarty data plan is interesting if you have a phone already - if you are looking to upgrade your current phone or just get a new one, and you don't mind being tied up over 12 months or more, it might be more interesting to shop elsewhere.

Join Smarty now and get a month for free:

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UK Coverage

Smarty claims that their network (essentially Three's network) is covering 99.5% of the UK population. In our experience over the past two years, the network has mostly been good to very good in cities with no issues whatsoever with our phone or internet connection. In more isolated areas, we found that the network could drop and be at times pretty weak - but even if it was slow, it still worked. If you found yourself most of the time on the road or outside cities, another network provider might offer a better network.

Commitment-free mobile

With Smarty, there’s no minimum contract, you can cancel at anytime or change plans monthly.

EU Roaming

Smarty offers free roaming in the EU and a pay-as-you-go system to top up data when travelling outside the EU. Simple and straightforward.

Network restrictions

Smarty's traffic policy is simple: it simply says that it doesn't enforce any data shaping or network throttling, which means that your bandwidth won't be intentionally slowed under any circumstances.

Save an extra 10% with friends and family

Another cool saving is to bundle up plans with friends and family to save even more. They offer you an extra 10% off on each plan when you combine them together. We can't promise you that you will end up becoming a millionaire this way - but every pound counts!

Disclaimer: the links to Smarty in this article are referral links. If you join SMARTY using one the link shared, we will both get a free month. Thank you for supporting us in our journey :-)